Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Alsobia 'Cygnet'

Alsobia 'Cygnet' grown a different way! You might have tried the Alsobias in pots, but they seem so happy when allowed to sprawl a little. This one has the advantage of being in a high humidity environment, but grown at home mounted on bark with a generous amount of long fiber sphagnum, and voilĂ  ... you have a much cooler display than the rest of the club members!
 Mounting the plants is relatively easy. A greenhouse or shop that specializes in orchids will have a piece of bark suitable for this task. Use some long fiber sphagnum (to hold moisture and the plant's roots) and attach a generous clump to the piece of bark with a clear "fishing line" type of filament. You now have a place to mount the plant. When you have a suitably rooted Alsobia it can be attached to your prepared piece of bark with more of the "fishing line" string. Now you get to be a bit creative with it's placement.

Try hanging it off of your light stand. It will get plenty of light from your fluorescent lights, and it will get to sprawl in a much more interesting and attractive way than if it was confined to a pot.
Remember to keep the spray bottle at hand so that it can be misted often enough to keep the moisture even. Alsobias don't like to dry out!

Isn't this a really pretty flower, with the fringed edges? More hybridizing really needs to be done with these.....


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  1. This blooms where the crowns hang down into the afternoon sun. Likes much more light than Episcias, its close relatives.
    The flowers last two days.
    This is on a large piece of cork bark, which has great crevices and a rough surface. It lasts for years.