Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Alsobia RM 2010-2 and Other Fun Stuff

 This is special. Here is a yet unnamed Alsobia recently collected by (I believe) Ron Myhr. The Violet Barn is selling it currently. The plant seems to be a good size grower but even a small plant has multiple blossoms.
 This bloom is about an inch long and at least half an inch wide along the tube. The opening flares out to show a really cool throat with all sorts of spots!
 This will be a popular plant I think. And with the large flowers, it might be fun to hybridize with it too.
 This was blooming in the other room. It looks like an octopus and well.... even though this is an orchid, it needed to be put in this post.
 I'm a fan of the Thumbergia battiscombei. It's like the "Blue Sky Flower" Thumbergia (which, btw, they have in the Como's new tropical display) but this one refuses to be killed by neglect, no water, plant-torture and chilly conditions. With some good culture it would really be a cool specimen.
 I found a S. 'White Sprite' blooming next to the S. pusilla. Both are alive and well, another success with micro minis.
 This thing is putting on a nice display. It probably should have the flowers more open and less curled but the multiple blooms per stem is very nice.

It's a Streptocarpus 'Versace'
 Nice color on this Jessup x self Sinningia. The purple throat is even more dramatic in person, but the petal color pretty much shows up correctly in the photo.
I just really like this photo. It's a Streptocarpus 'Silvia'. All summer long in the heat my collection almost died out. This plant, although not good looking, held on and keeps blooming. I'm hoping it stays alive so it grows into a plant for a show at some point.

If you send me an email (club members) I can post whatever you have blooming, or growing, or even perishing... you don't need to know how to use the blog if you don't want to fuss with it, just shoot me an email with a photo attachment.

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