Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A little product placement, the Pocket Hose!

 So... when this Pocket Hose product was on one of those tedious tv ads, my kids had a hilarious time deciding who would be stupid enough to buy one.

I bought one and love it!

I water in five different rooms in a split level house.  I use a fair amount of water and to put it into gallon jugs takes a tremendous amount of time. One day I tried a coil hose and it worked pretty well, but it wanted to recoil and would sometimes knock down plants springing back into place.
I also tried an outdoor hose, it was much too stiff and was a disaster.

When I got this I was expecting shoddy materials and cheap fixture hookups. I WAS WRONG! The ends hook up easily to my bathroom faucet with NO leaking. The watering-end shuts off with no leaking on the wood floor. I'm also pretty happy with the fire-hose materials the hose is made of.
When I'm done I put the hose in the tub to drain and shrink back to it's original size. I hold up the hose to facilitate drainage. It's much lighter than a normal outdoor hose, it's much more flexible and it doesn't leak and it's not annoying. How's that for praise???


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  1. I'm curious -- how is the hose holding up to daily use? Still working and not leaking?